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Fire Pumps & Tanks

Fire pumps are often an overlooked part of an automatic fire protection system. Fire pump failure during an active fire can cause total system failure and significant losses. Fire pumps are used to ensure needed water supply by increasing pressure to suppress fire. Fire pumps are an integral part of the fire protection system. Stringent inspection and testing requirements are designed to prevent pump failure. Our expert installation, inspection, and service capabilities include the tools and manpower to support any fire pump in operation at your facility or building.

There are many types of fire pumps available. It is important to select the correct type of pump for the installation project to avoid excessive costs, and to avoid excessive pressures that might damage your system. If all the factors are not taken into consideration it could result in a pump installation that does not achieve the necessary pressure requirements which could require a new pump to be installed.

Fire Protection Houston


  • We are the official Southwest Texas distributor for Peerless Pumps and Grundfos products.
  • We sell pumps, motors, couplings, diesel engines, valves, etc.
  • We sell engineered to order pump house packages.
  • We perform the following pump repairs: lid off inspections, minor repairs, pump repacks, major repairs, rotating element repalcements
  • We repair and sell Peerless Pump, Aurora/Pentair, A-C, Armstrong, Patterson, SPP, PVF, Grundfos pumps
  • Start up and annual flow testing (100-5000+ GPM) Commercial and industrial job sites.
  • Troubleshooting services for all major equipment
  • Controller repairs
  • Controller replacement (fire pump and jockey pump)
  • All fire pump repairs/ replacements for the following types of pumps (horizontal, multistage horizontal pumps, vertical, vertical inline)
  • Bare pump replacement
  • Jockey pump replacement
  • Electric motor replacement
  • Water storage tanks
  • System piping valves (main relief valves, casing relief valves, Air release valves, gauges, etc….)
  • Engine preventive maintenance
  • HVAC pump repairs
  • Laser alignment services
  • Industrial plant work (our guys are TWIC and HASC certified)
  • Electrical services

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Are you prepared?

It’s wise to be proactive about fire safety.  In an office setting it is not only a legal obligation but a moral one.  Protect your employees and property from a worst case scenario and get your fire sprinklers inspected and up to date.


Reliable Fire Protection is a full-service Houston fire protection company. Contact us for your testing, maintenance service, inspection, retrofit, or repair anytime. We are available 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.